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Beauty and Pink

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Most women spend a good amount of time every single day caring for the skin on their face: applying makeup, removing makeup, cleansing, waxing, plucking rogue hairs, and even just looking in the mirror. But what about the surrounding skin? The neck and décolleté (a fancy name for your chest and shoulders) are two of the most sensitive spots on the entire body, and they are the first areas to start aging since the skin is so thin and delicate. But, all is not lost! Adding the décolletage to your daily skincare regimen can slow down (and even start to reverse) signs of aging and other damage. It’s easy – teach yourself that your face isn’t just the thing where your eyes, nose, and mouth are; your face goes from the top of your forehead all the way down to your chest!


As we age, collagen and elastin (proteins that help your skin firm) begin to break down. When this happens, skin starts to sag inward, which eventually causes wrinkles. So of course, if the neck and chest are left unloved every day, it will show!


Choosing the right products is important for every part of your body – your skin knows the difference! Here at Gifts From the Earth, we have created a trio of products for your décolletage that will keep you looking youthful and radiant as you age gracefully.

Rosehip Refining Scrub

Like we always say, exfoliating is an extremely important part of skincare. That being said, on sensitive skin like the neck and chest, it’s imperative not to over exfoliate! We recommend exfoliation 2-3 times per week, and on the off days use a gentle cleanser instead. For the décolletage, our Rosehip Refining Scrub is perfect for evening out skin tone and helping to increase the penetration of your skincare products. This fine particle scrub is rich in minerals and silica, enriching the skin with Vitamin A and essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 and is good for all skin types! Use this scrub when you wash your face (this can be used in both places!) in the shower, it will help your skin feel soft and full of life.

Radiant Beauty Elixir

Skincare isn’t just about scrubs and moisturizers! Serums are the most commonly forgotten part of the skincare routine. Serums are concentrated, lightweight moisturizers formulated to penetrate deep into the skin to deliver specific, targeted results. Our Radiant Beauty Elixir helps prevent moisture loss by bringing nourishment and hydration to damaged skin cells in the décolletage, while renewing complexion and maintaining healthy cells. After using your cleanser or scrub, apply the serum to fine lines and wrinkles. Add this to your skincare routine every day for maximum results.

Forever Young Luscious Lotion

Last, but very certainly not least: your moisturizer! Even if you feel like your skin doesn’t need it you should never ever skip moisturizing. Without it, your skin will either become dry and irritated, or try to overcompensate by producing too much natural oil!Our specially formulated Forever Young Luscious Lotion is prepared especially for aged, wrinkled or damaged skin to revitalize, repair and regenerate skin tone. It protects the skin from environmental damage, is rich in Vitamins A and E, potassium, protein and fatty acids – all of which are beneficial for regenerating cells and softening tissue. This hydrating product improves moisture retention and encourages skin cell membranes to stay strong and stable as well as promoting collagen and elastin production, reducing the signs of aging and leaving skin smooth with renewed firmness. Apply every day after you use your serum, and watch as your skin begins to look healthier and younger.


Along with aging rapidly, the décolletage is especially at risk of damage because at least part of the area is often exposed. Remember – the skin on your chest is extremely delicate, and must be taken care of in order to stay healthy!


Most ladies know to apply sunscreen to their face every day to reduce sun damage, but we cannot forget the chest! Think about it: your chest is exposed if you wear anything other than a turtle neck, and it points up at the sky all day long. It’s a recipe for disaster called sunburn. So before you leave the house every single day, don’t skip out on the sunscreen! You will thank yourself later when you still have your beautiful, healthy skin. 

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