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Beauty and Pink

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We all have those especially stressful, chaotic weeks. You know the kind – your work load is piling up, you have a doctor’s appointment that you totally forgot about, a friend is in town for a few days and wants to see you, you desperately need to finish your holiday shopping, etc. If you find yourself in the middle of one of these tough stretches feeling emotionally, physically, and/or mentally exhausted, it may beneficial to take a step back and give yourself some “you” time!


Tea can do extraordinary things for the body AND the mind. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea. Yes, actually stop what you are doing and just sit down – you deserve to make the time for yourself. Peppermint, chamomile, and lemon balm teas are all wonderful for helping you relax – especially before bed time. They help to treat stress and anxiety, and are wonderfully calming! Green tea is amazing for stress as well, and this is a good day time tea as it contains caffeine. For a stress relieving mix of herbs, try our Relax Me Tea, it’s wonderful to drink while cozied up with a book before bed!

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself to a tasty treat is a wonderful away to treat stress, though shouldn’t be your go to. A little dark chocolate here and there can be extremely beneficial to the body and mind, but treats don’t have to be in the form of food! My favorite treat is to buy myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Studies have shown that having flowers or other plants in your space helps boost your mood. If you enjoy the scent of a particular flower, choose that kind so you can literally stop and smell the flowers – scent is a very powerful sense that can be linked to past emotions, so smelling your favorite flower can help you feel happier and more calm.


It may seem like the worst idea in the entire universe to go for a run after you just dragged your feet home after the longest day, but exercise releases endorphins into your brain that help you feel more alert and happy. If running isn’t your thing, try going for a walk or practicing yoga – anything that will work your body and help you unwind is beneficial!

Spa Day

Self-care is arguably the best way to combat stress. Whenever I’m feeling run down, I set aside some time to paint my nails, do a face mask, or even go out to get a pedicure. Our Green Goddess of the Earth face mask is my favorite, it leaves the skin feeling so soft and cared for!

Talk To a Friend

What would we do without friends? Honestly, I’d probably lose my mind without my friends. Whether it’s a best friend you’ve known for years, a new friend that you’re still getting to know, a significant other, a sibling, or even your mom, your friends are there to listen and to help you when you need someone to talk to. If you feel nervous or unsure about talking to someone about your problems, try first asking them if they mind. This will give them to opportunity to let you know how they are feeling and if they are emotionally and mentally able to help you at that moment which I always appreciate – it feels very nice to be given that option if you too are feeling a little overwhelmed!

Dress Up

What you wear has a huge effect on how you feel. You may have already noticed that when you wear your favorite shirt you feel ready to take on the world, or when you put on your favorite socks you know you’re going to have a great day. If you’re feeling super stressed, take a few minutes to put together an outfit that makes you feel really good. Anything from a comfy shirt to funny socks can really make a difference in how you take on the day!

Do What You Love

Sometimes all we need when we’re stressed is to take some time to do our favorite thing. This could be playing an instrument, making art, knitting a scarf, writing in a journal, watching TV, or even reading a book! Whatever it is that brings you joy, take a little while to indulge in it. I guarantee it’ll help relieve some of that chaotic energy from your stressful day!

We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and that you’re able to find some peace in each and every day! 

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