Winter Moisturizing Tips

Posted by Kat Stein on 2nd Feb 2020

Winter Moisturizing Tips

Winter and healthy skin don’t generally go hand in hand. Though this season has been relatively mild, and Punxsutawney Phil said that spring will come early this year, your skin may be suffering from the chilly air! Whether your hands are cracked and dry, your lips are chapped, your legs are itchy, or your skin just feels uncomfortable, there are many ways to give yourself a little extra moisture to combat the cold!


Of course we need to use moisturizers on our skin, that is true year round, but you may need to switch things up during the colder months.

If you normally use a lighter face cream (like our Everyday Face Lotion) but your skin dries out during the day, you may want to switch to something slightly heavier (like our Forever Young Luscious Lotion) for the season. Cold air, wind, and dry air caused by heaters all wreak havoc on our skin all winter long, so it makes sense that we may need a little something extra!

Hands tend to suffer during the colder months as well, because they are constantly exposed to moisture when you wash your hands (take that, flu!) as well as to the cold outside air on days when you forget your gloves. We recommend keeping small jars of hand lotion (Rough Skin Cream, anyone?) in a bunch of easy to access places - in your car, in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, and in a purse - so that you can rehydrate those fingers before they feel the effects of being chapped or dried out.

Don’t forget your lips! We all suffer from the occasional chapped lips, but of course it happens more in the winter. Make sure you have multiple lip balms for at home and on the go so that they can stay moisturized! If your mouth needs a little exfoliation, try rubbing a scrub onto your lips while washing your face - this will get rid of dead skin!

Climate Control

While you can’t control the weather outside, you can control your own home environment.

Did you know that central air can dry out the air in your home? Of course we all want to be cozy, but the higher you set your thermostat, the more dry the air will be. Try to keep the temperature at around 72 degrees - this will help your skin stay healthy, and it’s just another excuse to cozy up on the couch with your pets, a blanket, and a good book.

If you still feel that the air in your home is too dry, or you can stand having your thermostat so low, try purchasing a humidifier! A humidifier pumps moisture into the air, which can help keep your skin moisturized, as well as helping to relieve stuffy noses and open the airways. Keep your humidifier in the room that you spend the most time in - most people choose to run a humidifier in their bedroom at night time.

Internal Hydration

It’s easy to remember to drink water in the summer - we’re sweaty, we’re hot, it just makes sense. But many people forget that drinking a lot of water is necessary year-round to maintain a healthy body, both inside and out. Consuming enough water throughout the day, eight 8 ounce glasses is recommended, helps your skin retain enough moisture so that it won’t dry out. Though that isn’t the only thing you have to do to maintain hydrated skin, it certainly doesn’t hurt!


So, it’s freezing outside, you get home after a long day and all you want to do is take a long, hot shower. Before you spend the next 40 minutes under scalding water, it’s important to understand that hot water tends to dry the skin out because of how irritating it can be. Instead, try to limit the time you spend in the shower, and don’t use water that is so hot that it makes your skin turn red. This is also true for washing your hands! Once you’re out of the shower, or your hands are out of the sink, pat yourself dry and apply a moisturizer as soon as possible, to help prevent your skin from drying out.

We hope these tips will help your skin stay happy and healthy for the rest of the winter. Happy February!