Gifts From the Earth is located in the Pacific Northwest, and is proud to offer fresh pure effective products that maintain their vital life force energy.

How are Gifts From the Earth skin care products different from other natural products?

Gifts From the Earth products are created using only naturally sourced and extracted ingredients.  They are free of synthetic and artificial ingredients including synthetic preservatives and artificial colors.  They are created fresh to order; they have not sat in a warehouse or on a shelf for months at a time.  The products are created using vibrational essences to help us strengthen and maintain our connection with the natural cycles of the earth.  We offer many options within our skincare line.  Since the products are made fresh, we have the ability and desire to customize each product for you, to suit your particular skincare needs.


Why should I use freshly made skincare products?

You should use freshly created products for two reasons.  First, you want to maximize the healing benefits of these synergistically created products.  The healing benefits for the essential oil blends in each product decrease with time and exposure.  Second, the products are made and intended to by used in the season created, thus strengthening our connections with our natural cycles.  Think of what you put on your skin the same way as what you would eat.  You probably would not eat something that has been sitting out for a few months.  As you do not want to put something on your skin that you have had for over 6 months.  If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.


What are vibrational essences and what is their purpose in the products?

Vibrational essences work on mental and emotional levels, to encourage the healing process, balance the energy of the body and help strengthen our connection to the energy of the planet and the universe.  When vibrational essences are used in a skin salve or lotion they follow a specific path through the physical and subtle bodies.  They initially are assimilated into the circulatory system and the nervous system.  Then they enter the cellular level and imbalanced areas of the physical body.  The purpose of adding vibrational essences is to increase the vital life force energy that is carried in each product by using wholesome, limited processed ingredients.


What is vital life force energy?

Vital life force energy is the living nutrients and energies found in whole foods, especially plants, including fruits, vegetables and herbs.  It is what helps are bodies to maintain optimum health and well being.  Gifts From the Earth products contain vital life force energy necessary to care for our skin , the largest organ of our body.  When introduced, our body recognizes vital life force energy and responds in harmonious and balanced ways, thus, allowing our skin/cellular structure to work with the natural rhythms of our body and nature.


How are the products developed and tested?

Gifts From the Earth products are developed by and for skincare professionals.  They are created in small batches with clear, focused and intentional blending processes.  They are free of animal ingredients and animal testing.  Gifts From the Earth products are tested in the field with skincare professionals.


What is the shelf life of the products?

Our products have a shelf life of approximately 3 to 6 months.  We believe it is best to use freshly made skincare within the season your products were purchased.


Since the Products are made fresh, how long do I have to wait to get my products?

Depending upon the size of the order and the orders we are processing, most orders are shipped within 5—7 business days from the time you place your order.  We are closed from December 24th—January 2nd every year.


Do you have any special offers?

We have special discounted packages that we offer all year long, see Packaged Sets.  We also keep in touch with our clients through our newsletters and always list the specials.  You can also see what we are offering through our website.


Why do you offer so many choices and custom options?

Not everyone’s skin issues are the same.  Most clients can work within the structured line of products and have excellent results with their skin.  There are those clients that need different formulas because of their particular needs.  We feel that it is important to try new combinations of ingredients, to work with our clients to develop products that make sense for them.  In return we come up with new products to add to our existing line.



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