Sharing Love & Skincare

Posted by Kat Stein on 19th Jan 2020

Sharing Love & Skincare

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you plan to celebrate with your partner, your friends, or even just yourself, we have put together a list of ways to use and share our products with the ones you love.

Face Love

Green Goddess of the Earth facial mask is perfect for a relaxing night in. Apply the mask to your partner (and have them do the same for you) and lay down while the mask does it’s work. Help each other wash the mask off with a wet washcloth, and follow with your favorite moisturizer! Who doesn’t love feeling healthy and refreshed?

Hand Love

Our hands work so hard every day, yet they rarely get any love or pampering. Fill a bowl with warm water, sprinkle in some of our Moisturizing Hand Soak, and let your fingers relax. Have your partner gently rub a scoop of Sugar Citrus Salt Glow into each hand and up the arm for a light exfoliation, and do the same for them. Rinse your hands and dry them, and end with a moisturizing hand massage for both of you using Rough Skin Cream, or, if you suffer from joint pain or soreness, use Northwest Pain and Inflammation Cream.

Body Love

De-stressing with a warm body soak is so beneficial for every part of you. Run a bath for you and your partner (or take turns if you have a smaller tub), and sprinkle in some Healing Mineral Bath Salt. Let yourself soak, relax (maybe even apply a face mask!) and feel cared for. Once you’re done, de-stress even more by trading massages with your partner using our Sensual Body Butter.

Foot Love

Our feet carry us everywhere - why not show them some gratitude? Fill a foot bath with warm water, add in some Revitalizing Foot Soak, and have your partner soak their feet. Remove one foot from the bath and gently massage it with our Stimulating Foot Scrub, and do the same with the other foot. Rinse both feet with warm water, followed by a splash of cold water. Finish with one last massage using our Warming Foot Lotion to help relax and soothe sore feet. Don’t forget to take your turn - have your partner follow the same steps for you!

We hope you enjoy celebrating love on Valentine’s Day in whatever way you choose. We love you!