Earthly Dreams Cleansing Oil

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Dreams of earthly beauty...a clear mountain stream and the fresh forest air. Leaves skin luxuriously soft, smooth and cleansed. Cleanses the skin to remove all traces of dirt and impurities without drying, our special blend improves the oil's solvent capacity and leaves skin luxuriously soft and smooth. Anti-microbial action, anti-oxidant properties — to assist in preventing formation of scar tissue.

A special blend of aloe vera, grapeseed (vitis vinifera) oil, rose (rosa damascena) water , olive (olea europaea) oil, vegetable glycerin, white willow bark extract (aqua, certified organic grain alcohol, wild crafted salix alba extract), radish root ferment fitrate (ECOCERT preservative), xanthan gum, lavender (lavandula augustifolia) essential oil, tangerine (citrus tangerine) essential oil, chamomile (antemis nobilis) essential oil, clary sage (salvia sclarea) essential oiland rosemary (rosemarinus officinalis) essential oil and vibrational essences.

To Use: Moisten skin, shake bottle thoroughly and apply a small amount of cleanser to face and massage, rinse with warm water and a wet face cloth, follow with toner and moisturizer.

For all skin types



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    I've been using this product for 10 years and it is great.

    Posted by Carolyn Winkler on 18th May 2021

    I'm so glad these products exist.

  • 5
    Simply the best cleanser

    Posted by Erica on 29th Jan 2019

    I love this cleanser! Leaves my skin clean and super soft. I have tried different cleansers of the years and this is quite simply the best cleansing oil there is! I love the way it smells and the way my skin feels after each and every use. Try it out--you will love it!

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    Skin texture the best!

    Posted by Eileen on 17th Mar 2018

    The cleanser is the best I have used in years! I had used a very expensive cleanser, which I liked until I received this one. Using it just one night, I felt a difference of the texture of my skin. I recommend it to everyone!! So far I am loving all the Gifts from the Earth. Thank you Marianne for your continued work in making the best natural products!

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    Perfect for winter facial cleansing!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Dec 2017

    You know how after you wash your face your skin feels taut, stretched and not so comfortable? Not with this product! I absolutely love it and it helps to chase away the winter blahs. Smells lovely!!

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    No harsh chemicals!

    Posted by Claudia on 23rd Aug 2017

    Oil removes oil. No harsh chemicals which strip your skin's natural oils and create more problems. I use this as an eye make-up remover and don't even need to wash it off. love this stuff gentle and good for your skin!

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    Does not leave your face dry, stripped or greasy

    Posted by D.M. on 4th Aug 2017

    I have been using the Earthly Dreams Cleansing Oil for a couple months now. I stumbled upon this product at the farmers market in Vancouver down by the waterfront. The booth was manned by an aesthetician and her mother (I think). I spoke with the aesthetician and just explained my situation as someone making significant life changes and taking care of my face was part of that "New Do". I was using Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty line at the time and had been for the previous 120 days. After looking at my skin, she recommended this product as a cleanser morning and night. I still had plenty of the Meaningful Beauty face cleanser left so I tried them both side-by-side. I will say that the Earthly Dreams cleansing oil had several advantages over the chemical laden product I was using. It cleaned my face better and I did not feel like my face was starving for moisture afterward. I use a washcloth in the shower so skin definitely comes off in the process. It rinsed completely and my face felt more hydrated and refreshed after my shower. I can also read the list of ingredients on the Earthly Dreams without a degree in chemistry. I will say that this organic plant-based product is more expensive but well worth it. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so whatever you put on it goes into your body and bloodstream. I have received several comments about how clean and healthy my skin is looking. I will be a customer for as long as Marianne continues her passion and love - one hand made bottle at a time. Loving it!

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    Softer skin

    Posted by Patricia E Pace on 18th Apr 2014

    I have been using this product for a couple of years now and love how it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft and not stripped and dry. As I grow older I find I need moisture more and this cleanser is just the ticket for helping retain the natural oils with a clean look and feel. Thank you for such a great product.