Posted by Kat Stein on 20th Apr 2015

Why We Love Gifts From The Earth

shea-blog.jpgMy mom started making natural products years and years ago when I was a toddler.  What began as a fun hobby blossomed into the company as it is now; her products are in stores and spas all over the country! What really makes Gifts From the Earth special, however, is that every single product is handmade by Marianne in her home studio. When you place an order, it is guaranteed that she will make, package, and ship the products herself! It is a lot of work but she still enjoys it as much as when she started.

Research and clear intent

Every ingredient that goes into our products has a purpose. From the healing properties of herbs and oil blends to vibrational essences, each ingredient has been researched and meditated on for maximum benefits. Our products are not only great for your skin, but for your mind as well. Do you have questions about what each ingredient’s role is in a product? Check out the “ingredient information” section on our website!

No artificial ingredients

My personal favorite thing about Gifts From The Earth is that they are made without any artificial or synthetic ingredients or preservatives. Because I have very sensitive skin and asthma, artificial scents usually cause me to have a mild allergic reaction.  That is something I never have to worry about with our products. The ingredients are all-natural, and are extremely gentle on sensitive skin. I feel completely confident that what I am putting on my skin is nothing but good for me when I use Gifts From The Earth!

Affordable luxury

Completely natural skincare is hard enough to come by, but finding something affordable is even harder. I believe that Gifts From The Earth Products are better than any expensive skin care products found in department stores. Not only are they lovely to use, they are completely customizable! My favorite thing to do is make my own essential oil blend to put in the Luscious Lotion; I love to change up the scent each season!

Customizable for everyone’s skincare needs

Nobody has the same skin. A main reason all of our products are made fresh is so that our customers can get exactly what they need for their body. We can do anything from making a product unscented to coming up with an entirely new creation for a customer’s specific needs. We love coming up with new ways to customize our products!

Fresh and Hand Made

The best thing about Gifts From the Earth is that every single product is handmade and made to order. Our mastermind, Marianne, receives the orders and makes them herself in her home studio! She collects all of the natural ingredients (some she even grows in her garden!), comes up with the “recipes,” packages each order, and ships them off herself. It is such a cool process and it is what I think makes our products truly special; each product is made with love and intent. Who doesn’t want a lotion that was made just for them?

Happy skincare! 

Kat is a 23-year-old musician living in Philadelphia and the daughter of Gifts From The Earth owner, Marianne. She has used Gifts From The Earth products her entire life, and is very passionate about natural skincare