Springtime Skincare

Posted by Kat Stein on 8th Apr 2019

Springtime Skincare

Ah yes, wonderful spring - we are all happy to welcome the longer sunny days with welcome arms after a long, cold winter. After months of dry, hot air indoors, and painful, cold air outdoors, the skin is more than ready for moisture and new products. As always as the seasons change, so must our skincare routines!


Throughout the winter months dead skin tends to build up, even with constant moisturizing! Choose one to two days per week to add in your favorite exfoliating facial scrub to gently remove that dry, unwanted layer, as well as a nice body scrub to take care of the rest of your skin! Knees, elbows, hands, feet, and back tend to need slightly more attention at the end of a long winter – so make sure you give those spots an extra scrub to get them back to normal!


This goes for all seasons - drinking water is important throughout the entire year! Staying hydrated will keep you feeling good on the inside and will make your skin glow. Water helps your skin retain its elasticity which in turn reduces signs of aging and other damage. So, don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses per day!

Eat Fresh

Water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated! Your favorite fruits and veggies are a wonderful (and delicious!) way to consume extra water throughout the day, plus they are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients that your entire body needs to stay healthy. Our favorite healthy skin produce items are broccoli, lettuce, watermelon, blueberries, and citrusy fruits!

Wear Sunscreen

Yes, even if it is grey, cloudy, and drizzling, you should always be wearing sunscreen. Harmful UV rays can still reach your skin through clouds and rain – we should all be doing whatever we can every day to avoid damage from the sun. If you feel like you don’t have the time for sun screen, try mixing your sun screen with your moisturizer so you can cover two bases at the same time!

Use Lighter Moisturizer

With winter ending, your skin may require a less intense moisturizer than when you were being exposed to dry indoor heaters and cold winds every day. Choose a moisturizer that’s a little lighter for warmer days – it will make your skin feel less suffocated if you start to sweat but it will still keep your skin from drying out.

Move Around

Exercise is important for skin health because it increases your blood flow, which makes your skin cells happier and healthier. So whether you hit the gym or head outside to take the dog for a long walk, physical activity will help keep your skin as beautiful as it can be!

Clean Makeup Brushes

It’s easy to forget, but makeup brushes get dirty over time! Makeup, oils, bacteria, and other yucky grime attaches itself to brushes which you then rub all over your face each day. Choose a, unscented, natural cleanser to gently wash your brushes with, lay them out flat and allow them to dry from 24 hours. Your skin will thank you!

We hope you are enjoying the lovely spring weather, rain and all. Don't forget you can find us every weekend at the Vancouver Farmer's Market - we would love to see you!