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Beauty and Pink

A Moment of Leisure

The holiday frenzy is liable to bring out both the best and worst of us. It's only natural, life has an unrelenting habit of combining the most positive experiences with what can be ridiculously frustrating circumstances. The way we handle these situations shape the structure of each experience. All experiences have the potential to become memories, and cherishing single moments [...]

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The Trouble of Summer - Burns and Bites

In the midst of summer fun, hazards such as bug bites, stings, and sunburns give a rude awakening. All of our favorite activities seem to be marred by itches and pain. Luckily, we have the cures and are more than happy to share with you, our favorite follower. We will also have a summer trouble’s market special [...]

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Foot Care for Summer Wear and Tear

The season of cute boots has come and gone. Once again it's that time to prepare our feet for some of that glorious freedom summer offers. Disclaimer: foot-freedom may include dry and cracked skin. An overabundance of summer hobbies, i.e. trips to the beach, hikes in hot stuffy shoes, and weekend outdoor market expeditions, often weathers feet [...]

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