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3 Ways to Keep Your Hands Happy All Winter

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We all want our hands to look and feel lovely. Sometimes it is a first impression. If your skin is rough and dry or cracked and peeling, you won’t want anyone looking at your hands, let alone shaking them! Part of hand care should be getting regular manicures. If this is not in the budget, give yourself one or have a monthly “spa night” with a friend! We also offer the following suggestions:

Wear Gloves

This is probably a no-brainer, but protecting your hands from cold temperatures is incredibly important! Not only do gloves protect your skin, they also keep your muscles warm which is especially important if you suffer from arthritis. We love fingerless wool gloves because they allow us to use our hands just as much as we need to while still keeping us cozy, but there are plenty of options to fit your needs! In addition, try wearing rubber gloves while doing housework like washing dishes or scrubbing surfaces. They will protect your skin from harsh chemicals as well as keep your hands from becoming super dry.


Moisturizing is important all year round, but especially during winter months. Make it a habit to moisturize your hands several times throughout the day with a natural hand lotion, like our Rough Skin Cream. If you have severely dry skin, you may want to apply lotion and put gloves on right before bed to help lock in the moisture while you sleep. You can use this trick with dry feet and socks as well!

Use Mild Soaps

The type of soap you use can drastically affect the state of your skin. Try using all-natural soaps that do not contain synthetic fragrances – natural essential oils smell just as nice and won’t hurt your skin! Glycerin based soaps are also good for keeping your hands happy. Our favorite is Everyone Hand Soap (especially the lavender & coconut scent!) which is available at your local Target or online.

Let us know if any of these tips help you during this chilly season, or if you have any tricks of your own. Stay cozy!