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How To Keep Lips Hydrated

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Brrrr…the cold months are upon us. With cold weather comes icky, dry, chapped lips…or at least it used to! Before winter sets in, we’re here to help you keep your lips hydrated, smooth, and kissable all winter so you can spend more time cozy by the fire with loved ones and less time suffering from chapped lips. Pucker up, buttercup!


We talk about this so often that you probably never want to hear it again…but drink water!! Keeping your body hydrated is important year round, not just in the summer months. Cold, dry air tends to cause dry skin and chapped lips, but drinking water helps to protect you from the inside out. When the body starts to get thirsty, one of the first reflexes is licking the lips. This constant rewetting causes skin to dry out and crack, so when you start to become hydrated it shows!

Daytime and Nighttime Protection

Protecting your lips from harsh air is one of the best ways to prevent chapping. Many cosmetics like lipstick and lip stain can actually cause lips to dry out, so it’s important to find products that moisturize. Try using oil based or petroleum based lip products during the day to help prevent dryness. If you are really set on using your usual lip color, apply a layer of lip balm first – this will add a layer of protection! At night, we recommend using lip balm before heading to bed, or even just applying grape seed oil directly to the lips to help with hydration.


One big problem with lips, especially in the winter, is dry skin. But, we have good news – believe it or not, you can exfoliate your lips! When you’re brushing your teeth, you can gently brush your lips to help remove dead skin. Or if you’d rather use a product, any of our facial scrubs can be used on the mouth as an exfoliant. Tip: *accidentally* getting the cocoa facial scrub in your mouth is not the worst problem to have… ;)

Check Your Products

Many commonly used products like lipstick, lip balm, and even toothpaste cause allergic reactions that can result in dry, irritated, chapped lips. Ingredients like artificial flavoring, colors, and oxybenzone - an ingredient in sunscreen that is good for protecting against the sun – but not if it irritates the skin! If you suspect a product is causing problems with your lips, stop using it for fourteen days. If your lips improve, you’ve found your answer! If they don’t improve, try eliminating something else.

Foods and Medication

Along with commonly used ingredients, food and medication can cause lip irritation too. Topical medications like Retin-A tend to cause severe drying, so be sure to moisturize and exfoliate as much as you can if you must use anything topical. Food allergies like wheat, dairy, nuts, gluten – anything really – can cause lip irritation and chapping as well. Food begins digesting as soon as it enters your mouth. This means that if you have a food allergy, as soon as your saliva begins breaking down your food, it can immediately affect your lips. If you suspect a medication or food is causing your chapped lips, consider eliminating it for a few days to see if the condition improves. If you suspect a prescription medication is the culprit, be sure to talk to your doctor before eliminating it – they may even have an alternative for you!

As the blustery days continue, be sure to continue to moisturize and take care of your skin. You deserve to feel healthy and beautiful!