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Feeling Great via Lymphatic Drainage

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Swollen legs, feet, and even faces are extremely common, especially during the summer months, and can leave us feeling helpless and uncomfortable. Most of the time, a clogged lymphatic system (the body’s built-in sanitation center) is to blame for swelling and other health issues like allergies, asthma, and even migraines! With so many toxins bombarding us every day, it is incredibly important to remember that sometimes the body can’t keep up. That is where manual lymphatic drainage steps in to help!

Healthy Lymphatic System = Healthy You

The lymphatic system is a very important part of the circulatory system, containing a clear fluid called lymph which helps the immune system defend against harmful bacteria and cancer cells. Lymph nodes, located in the neck, armpits, groin, and abdomen, produce the cells that fight off infection and remove cancer from the body. You may notice that when your body is fighting off infection, your nodes (or “glands”) feel swollen – this is because the lymph nodes are manufacturing a larger amount of cells to keep you healthy.

Lymphatic Drainage

Occasionally, the lymphatic system can become blocked, which makes it less effective than normal at producing lymph and pushing out all those harmful toxins that your body can’t tolerate. You may feel some swelling in your arms, legs, and even face when this occurs. This is where lymphatic drainage comes in! There are many products on the market that help promote lymphatic drainage – one being our Awaken: Belly Mask! The herbs and other ingredients in the mask help to eliminate stored toxins and get your lymphatic system moving.

The most common remedy for a clogged lymphatic system is Manual Lymphatic Drainage – a type of reflexology and massage. Using rhythmic movements and hand pressure, the massage helps facilitate the movement of stuck lymph back to the heart for circulation and helps free clogged vessels so that your system will keep working in the long run. This circulation enhances the movement of fluid, helping to reduce swelling and drain any proteins that are stagnant in the body.

You can also help stimulate your own lymphatic system all on your own! There are many techniques you can try including a self massage of specific points on your body, dry brushing, and even a DIY body wrap! This weekend, we (Marianne and Kat) went on a long 10 mile hike up a mountain, which was a lot more strenuous than we were expecting. When we got home, we painted our bodies with Sea Clay Body Treat, wrapped up in saran wrap and comfy robes, and let our bodies detox. Follow with a warm shower to rinse off and a moisturizer to keep your skin happy, and voila! Your body will recover from your big adventures much faster with a little love and lymphatic stimulation. 

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

-Helps make your immune system more effective! It can help relieve symptoms of tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, and laryngitis by delivering more antigens to the lymph nodes.

-Helps relieve pain by removing stagnant fluid that may affect pain receptors, and can help reduce muscle spasms.

-Restores balance to the nervous system, helping you to relax. This is especially useful for those of us with stressful lives!

-Acne, wrinkles, and other skin issues. Because the purpose of the lymphatic system is to detoxify the body, promoting lymphatic drainage will help remove all those unnatural toxins and excess cell debris that can have a negative effect externally. Hello beautiful skin!