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Hot Eye-Makeup Colors for Spring

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Eye makeup trends for this season can be summed up in one word: vitality. Whether you’re a free-spirited bohemian girl going with a natural look, a biker babe with a flare for the dramatic, or a hopeless romantic that’s all about sparkles, there is something out there this spring for you. The overall idea in the world of makeup is of a girl who doesn’t care if she looks perfect, but who is confident, independent, and having fun living her life.

One popular trend is graphic eyeliner. Winged lines on the top eyelid and dark, smokey blended eyes are sure to make a statement. If dramatic is what you’re going for, why not choose from our natural mineral makeup colors to help you get the look you want? My every day go to look is a simple black outline of my eye with minimal foundation and a touch of mascara. With our loose black powder and a small angle brush, the eyeliner possibilities are endless! Whether it’s just for a touch to bring out your eyes, or a dark, dramatic, hazy look, black is an essential color to always have on hand.

If you want to go for a subtler look, I recommend grabbing the glitter. “Fun-loving pixie girl” is definitely a popular aesthetic this spring and is easily accomplished with just a splash of gold shimmer on the eyelid and a hint of mascara on the upper lashes. If the gold on its own isn’t dark enough for you, try applying black shadow to your eyelids first and then applying a layer of gold over that; it adds a little more drama but is still fun and sparkly. Or, why not go for gold sparkles and bold eyeliner if you want to be dramatic AND girly!

Another trend that is coming forward is plum eye shadow with heavy mascara on the upper and lower lashes. The perfect color for this look in our natural makeup collection is “Light Plum.” When I use this color I first apply the eye shadow like I would any other color. Then, I like to do a thick dramatic line of black on my top lid and a thin line underneath my eye so they don’t look too top heavy. If I’m feeling extra adventurous, I apply the tiniest amount of our “Lavender Pearl” to the inside corners of my eyes, which is super discreet but definitely adds a fun twist to the look! Then to finish, I apply the mascara. This is a fun look for a night out on the town!

Overall, the eye makeup trends for spring are super easy and simple, yet definitely make a statement. The best way to use our natural mineral makeup is to do a thorough job keeping your skin clean and hydrated. I’ve found that when applying our natural mineral makeup powders, they last longer if I have moisturized my entire face (with our Everyday Face Lotion or Forever Young Luscious Lotion) including my eyelids. It keeps your makeup looking fresh all day and makes your skin happy!

Of course, don’t forget to remove your fun eye makeup before bed! Our Earthly Dreams Cleansing Oil is the perfect makeup remover as it gets rid of all make up and dirt without drying out your skin. Moisturize after washing and you will wake up the next morning with a beautiful, fresh face ready for a new look!

Happy Spring and Happy Makeup-ing!

Kat is a 23-year-old musician living in Philadelphia and the daughter of Gifts From The Earth owner, Marianne. She has used Gifts From The Earth products her entire life, and is very passionate about natural skincare.