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3 Ways to Treat Your Mom

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Moms run the world every day of the year, so they absolutely deserve to be treated like the queens they are on Mother’s Day (which happens to be this Sunday if you didn’t already know!). There are, of course, many ways in which we can celebrate our mothers, but we’ve compiled a list of 3 fun things you can do to make your mom feel extra special this weekend. Have fun and enjoy your mom time!

Lend A Hand

Between work and home, moms are constantly on the go. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make her job a little easier AND make her relax! Start her day off with a surprise breakfast in bed – this is always my go to when I’m home for Mother’s Day. Make her favorite breakfast and put it on a tray with tea or coffee, a card, and maybe even a fresh flower, and give her the relaxing morning she deserves. The rest of the day can be all about mom; find out what she wants to do. You could offer to help her in the garden, clean the house, make dinner, help with some chores – anything she wants!

Pamper Her

If your mom is anything like mine, she uses her hands and is on her feet all day, every day. This situation has the potential to cause dryness, chipped nails, unhealthy cuticles, callouses, and cracked skin – and that’s where you come in. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love to be pampered with at-home hand and foot treatments, and no one deserves it more than hardworking mamas. With our Hand Care set, you can soak your mom’s hands in our Moisturizing hand soak to bring some life back to her overworked fingers, exfoliate her hands and arms with our Sugar Citrus Salt Glow, and moisturize and massage her hands with some rough skin cream. While you’re at it, have her pick out some nail polish and finish up with a manicure! To make her feel even more pampered, you can give her a relaxing, refreshing foot treatment with our Awaken Feet package. Start by soaking her feet in the Revitalizing Foot Soak which will help soften callouses and moisturize her tired feet. Then, exfoliate with Stimulating Foot Scrub which will not only make feet super soft, but it will ease the pain of being on them all day and make them feel alive again! Follow the scrub with our Exhilarating Foot Lotion which will help with achiness, soreness, and swelling. To finish, why not go all the way with a splash of color on her toenails?

Quality Time

When all is said and done, the gift your mom really wants is simple – you! Quality time with her kids is sure to make any mom happy. Accompany her on a walk through a local park, garden, or even take her on a relaxing hike – there’s nothing like spending time in nature with loved ones. Chatting over a pot of tea is also a lovely way to spend an afternoon, and our new Comfort Tea is a perfect cozy, relaxing hug in a cup. Does your mom like wine? Bring over a bottle of her favorite and cook her a nice dinner. Every mom is different, and every mom is special, so choose an activity (or do nothing but sit with her!) that she will enjoy and that will make her feel loved, because that is what every mom deserves.

Happy Mother’s Day from Gifts From the Earth!